Farm Survey

The survey of farms and ranches is a crucial step for the construction of farms and ranches. Accurate and precise surveys can provide reasonable advice for the construction of farms and pastures and the production and operation of later periods.

Planning and Design

Planning and design can achieve low input and high output in farmland.

Supply of equipment & production material of husbandry and planning

GREAT FARM can provide our customers with all kinds of materials needed for farming and ranching.In breeding, we can provide a full range of breeding equipment;

Technical support and guidance from conception to production including all husbandry practices

In order to enable the farms and ranches to enter the normalized operation state in advance and realize the maximization of customer benefits.

Farm operation trusteeship service

Production management: temperature and humidity; facility early warning, abnormal climate warning and prevention and remedial measures (fog, cloudy, high and low temperatures, etc.),