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The importence of cows on the globle scale
1.Economic benefits: for dairy farmers to create greater economic benefits; 2.Nutritional value: Milk as an ancient drink, known as the “white blood” for human health has an important role;
What services can we offer our customers?
1.Dairy equipment: free stall, headlock, water trough, fans, cattle brush, the whole set of milking and refrigeration equipment,etc; 2.Dairy farm planning and design: can adapt to local conditions, to provide customers with the design program; 3.Technical guidance: Including the operation status of dairy farms, dairy cow nutrition, reproductive health care, and management of milking parlors.
Suitable environment and size allocation of dairy cows
The origin is Europe, the adaptability to the temperature is poor, the suitable temperature is 5~25℃, the temperature is too high,or too low will affect its growth and production performance; The scale selection of dairy farm should fully consider the local market and culture environment, rationally use the resources, choose the most suitable scale, make the breeding benefit maximization.
what are the stages of cow feeding?
According to the growth cycle and production rhythm of dairy cows, it is generally divided into lactating calves (0~2 months old), adult cows (3~16 months old), young cows (17~26 months old), perinatal cows (prenatal postpartum 21 days), lactating cows, dried cows (prenatal 60~15 days).
The plan and design idea of the scale cattle farm
1.Determine pasture size: the number of cattle and the structure of cattle; 2.Siting of pasture construction: Take full consideration of the local health and epidemic prevention requirements ,adaptation to local condition, scientific feeding, reasonable layout, overall arrangement; 3.Pasture layout: According to the slope gradient, the main wind direction to configure; 4.Cowshed technology : choice open, semi open ,close barn, handle the details of each link, including: Ground treatment, neck rest design, retaining wall design, water trough design, fan spray design, sports field and fence design, etc; 5.Milking Hall layout: According to the size and demand of the pasture to choose the appropriate milking equipment; 6.Auxiliary production areas: including dry huts, concentrate storage, the design of silage silo; 7.Fecal sewage treatment area: According to local environmental protection requirements for reasonable planning and design;

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