Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S&T Co., Ltd and Zhengzhou Jia Shi have signed a software development project in the field of agricultural science and technology will have a further cooperation.
June 15, 2017 23:01:18
This morning,Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd Mr.Nie and Miss Tao have arrived at Zhengzhou jiashi to have a Inspection instruction. Zhengzhou Jinhui Agricultural S&T Co., is a individual propritorship which integrates r&d and sales. Founded in 2010, with 30 employees, including 11 undergraduate, college 9, Dr. 1. The company mainly engaged in animal husbandry integration solutions and related equipment, export trade, with a complete global sales network channels. Customers have around the world, has set up business in many African countries. The total export value of more than 20 million yuan.
Zhengzhou University science park’s staff given Mr.Nie and Miss Tao a explain for the layout of the park and show the science and technology park to enter the enterprise to obtain high-tech achievements. Strong policy support Beautiful working environment supporting facilities and the Scientific and technological achievements in the enterprise left a deep inpression on Mr. Nie and Miss Tao.

Zhengzhou Jia Shi Information Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Dr. Zhang Jun, technical director Guo Shaobin, manager Zhang Baoliang on the company’s research and development of “intelligent vehicle monitoring terminal”, “Universal Internet of Things platform” and other major products were displayed and reported,And introduced the technical advantages and business philosophy. Mr.Nie and Miss Tao have a high concer and depthly impression on the internet industry. Mr. Nie expressed appreciation for the deep accumulation of technology in the Internet of Things industry. And pointed out that “Jia Shi based on Zhengzhou University and its own technological advantages, focus on Internet of things data collection terminal and Research and development of the general network platform.’’ Positioning accurate with a broad market space. Tao said that “on-site data collection and general network platform is a large data skeleton and the main line, The promotion of the project can reduce the application of the Internet threshold and save development costs and time. Due to the complexity of the field of data collection and software data platform for the common and abstract,on the basis of the project do a simple expansion be applyied to the each of the things vertical industry. “Morning meeting Jinhui and Jia Shi reached a number of consensus, both sides proposed to carry out in-depth cooperation in the field of things, use the JINHUI’s sale channel to promate the world of the Internet of things vertical industry solutions of JIASHI. Afternoon Jinhui and Jia Shi signed a software development project, is a good start to the two sides cooperation.

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