Tomato Greenhouse Planting


Tomato fruit is rich in nutrition and has special flavor. It can be eaten, cooked, processed and made into tomato paste, juice or whole fruit pot.

What service can we offer

1. Increase production and high-yield technical training (with curriculum training as the main).

a. Cultivation technology trainning

b. Field management technical training.

2. Factory management

Our technical experts are stationed on farms to assist farms in technical guidance for planting management.

3. Production planning

According to the land and soil conditions of the farm and the surrounding market environment, a reasonable crop production and planting plan should be worked out so as to maximize the farm planting income.

Plug seeding

1. Seed and substraction preparation

Vermiculite: Perlite: peat =1:1:2 ratio, in addition, N:P:K ratio of 15:15:15 compound fertilizer 2Kg/m.

Seed Sterilization: seeds are soaked in hot water at 50 ℃, soaked in 20-30min, soaked in 25-30 ℃ warm water about 4-6h.

Sowing: one seed per hole, and then covering 0.5cm with vermiculite.

The management of water and fertilizer

The germination needs large amount of water, and after sowing , the water should be irrigated in time. Keep the leaves moist before the first leaf is expanded. 3-4 pieces of main leaf ensure the seedbed is moist.

The temperature was controlled at 25-30 ℃ before germination, and the temperature of germination decreased in time, and was controlled at 24-28 ℃ during the day and 12-15 ℃ at night.

After the emergence of the seedlings, the weak seedling needs to be fertilized in time.

Soil preparation

1. Apply decomposed organic fertilizer, chicken manure or pig manure 5-6t/mu, and diammonium phosphate and potassium sulfate each 25Kg/mu.

2. Carry out land rotary tillage operations, and ridge ploughing.

3. High temperature shack for 8-10 days for sterilization (or use fungicides).


1. Watering 5 days before planting.

2. The seedlings were transplanted about 30 days.

3. Irrigation after planting in time.

Agriculture operation during the growth period

1. Seedling: Dark water can be poured in the planting 3~4 days, and once again after 7~10 days. This period is not suitable for fertilization.

2. Flowering and fruit setting period:

a. Watering before the first flower period for flowering and fruit setting.

b. A large amount of water is prohibited during the bloom period.

c. When tomato seedlings fruit and the fruit grows to 3 centimeters, they can be watered for fruit expansion.

d. Prevention and control of diseases and insect pests.

The period of fruit

1. Water the water in time.

2. Ration fertilization

The application of organic fertilizer and rational application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash fertilizer to supplement the nutrients needed for tomato fruit, and spraying compound fertilizer with boron when necessary,it is more conducive to increase tomato production.

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