Farm Technology Hosting Services

  1. Production management: temperature and humidity; facility early warning, abnormal climate warning and prevention and remedial measures (fog, cloudy, high and low temperatures, etc.), prevention, diagnosis and control of diseases, pests and weeds in the growing period of crops, and related agriculture Investment use guide;

2. crop growth regulation and cultivation techniques of agricultural guidance work;

  1. Conduct technical and management training for relevant farm personnel;
  2. Guide the farm to complete the daily agricultural records;

5.The establishment of production files: soil, agricultural machinery, inputs, personnel;

  1. Weekly and monthly reports: Reports on the use of input products, production forecast reports, cost accounting, and facility management level assessment reports.


Farm Technology Hosting Service Highlights

  1. Helping farms reduce technology management costs;
  2. Help the farm to provide free soil testing and formulating services so that the farm can use scientific planting to ensure the quality of agricultural products; help farms provide planting management, plant protection, soil fertility, agronomic, environmental and other plant management services;

  1. Help the farm sort out a set of management mode for the farmer so that the farmer can easily manage and save manpower, material resources and financial resources.


Breeding hosting service

Through the stationing of technical and managerial personnel, ICP DAS provides aquaculture technology and production management services to increase the production level of large-scale farms and obtain remuneration for win-win cooperation.

  1. Improvement of aquaculture efficiency: Professional management directly leads to an increase in production efficiency, which is reflected in the increase in the number of piglets provided in the sow year, the increase in the milk production of dairy cows, and the increase in the egg production rate of laying hens.
  2. Reduced aquaculture costs: modern management has enabled more efficient use of feed, standardized drug use, scientific vaccination, prevention and control of epidemics, and reduced expenditure on all aspects.
  3. Cultivate excellent talents in farms: The shortage of excellent management talents and professional and technical talents for modern farms. The custody of custody services can provide excellent technical talents and management talents for the production of farms.