Pig Farm

What service can we offer for customers?

Piggery design, variety improvement, pig farm treateeship, healthy breeding and breeding technology consultation service.

Site selection, construction and equipment category planning of farms

The site is more then 1000 meters away from the residential area, more then 500 meters away from the main load, and 1500 meters above the slaughterhouse.

Equipment: ventilation, heat preservation equipment, sewage disposal equipment, artificial insemination equipment, automatic feeding system.

Conditions for modern pig farms

Modern farms should have the follow condition: industrialization, intensification, systematization, modernization, automation, standardization, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Key points of pig farm management
Farrowing house piglets

Tooth cutting, tail breaking, pseudorabies nasal drip, iron supplementation, foster care, feeding, vaccine immunization

Nursery piglet

Size grouping,combination column,disinfection health care,vaccine immunization,expelling, parasite

Fattening pig

Size grouping,combination columns,disinfectionand health care,vaccine immunization,insect repellent.


Feed the pig according to the fat,and adjust the feeding quantity accroding to the back fat thickness.

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