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Potato have strong adaptability, tropical and subtropical countries all can plant, it has high production, rich nutrition,and so on.potatoes’planting technology is also very mature.

Since it became a staple food in Ireland in 1650, it has gradually become popular in Europe. So far, it has been a major food crop in Europe, Africa and the Americas. Stronger environmental adaptability, easy field management, rich nutrition, and a wide variety of subsidiary processed foods are all the reasons for the long time that potatoes have become the major food crops in the world.

What service can we offer

1. Increase production and high-yield technical training (with curriculum training as the main).

a. Cultivation technology trainning;

b. Field management technical training;

2. Factory management

Our technical experts are stationed on farms to assist farms in technical guidance for planting management.

3. Production planning

According to the land and soil conditions of the farm and the surrounding market environment, a reasonable crop production and planting plan should be worked out so as to maximize the farm planting income.

Cultivation and management of potato
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Potatoes belong to the Solanaceae crops, and the continuous cropping of the same family crops will reduce the crop yield, so the selection of the plots should be paid attention to when planting the plots, which can not be connected with tomato and chili crops, but can be connected with the cruciferous plants. At the same time, the potato grows in the acid soil environment of PH5.5~6.5, and potatoes have been planted in alkaline environment. The occurrence of scab affects quality. In addition, sandy soil gives potato a porous and breathable growth environment, which is conducive to reducing the chance of tuberous root malformation.

Preplant treatment

1. Selecting detoxified potato seeds;

2. Accelerating germination:the excessively dormant sweet potato is place in a light or scattered light room that should keep its temperature at 14-16℃,and a potato is turned every three days to make it light evenly,and it willgerminate about 10 days;

3. Seed potato needed to sterilize before 2-3 days to prevent seed tuber carrying.general selection of 800 times lei +3000for agricultural streptomycin after soaking for fifteen minutes, fish out to dry;

4. Potato seed dicing;

5. Seed dressing disinfection.

 Land arrangement before sowing

1. Before sowing, the soil is ploughed deep, 25~30cm deep, and the soil is broken;

2. Application of basing fertilizer;

3. Ditches. Furrow depth 10~15cm.


1. In sand land,when the depth of the ditch is greater than 15cm,the bud of the potato is upward when the sowing,when the depth of the ditch is less than 6cm,the bud is down;if the soil 6~8cm is needed,the direction of the logarithmic block is not required.

2. If there are more pests on the ground,it is recommended to spread insecticides to prevent insects when sowing.

3. Covering soil after sowing-weeding.

Growth period

1. Seedling stage: Thinning seedlings,the sooner the better, at the same time, it is necessary to carry out a cultivating, it is necessary to prevent and control bacterial wilt and black stem disease in seedling stage.

2. During the tuber formation and growth period, fertilization, watering, and pest control should be done.


1. Time: sunny, and in the morning or afternoon sunshine is not a particularly strong time to harvest;

2. Storage: a. Size classification before storage, and pick out diseased potatoes, rotten potatoes. b.Spread out in the shade (no wind) and put in the warehouse after 10 days.

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