Sheep Farm

The importance of breeding sheep

1.Economic value: wool,cashmere,mutton,sheepskin,goat’s milk product.

2.Nutritional value:sheep milk than cow milk in nutrition,Beef and mutton of life are the necessities for Muslims.

What services can we offer for customers?

Sheep production equipment and daily necessities,homes feeding highly efficient intensive farm design,excellent variety improvement plan,consultance service guidance.

Production process of sheep

The prenancy period of sheep is about 5 months,according to its growth cycle and production rhythm,generally it is divided into lactation stage  (0-2months old ), conservation stage (2~4 months old), fertile fattening stage (5~9 months old), reserve sheep (10~18 months old), and sheep (1.5 years old to elimination).

The key points of daily operation and management of the scale sheep farm

1.lamb break tail operation;

2.lamb confinements operation;

3.artificial assisted lactation;

4.oestrus identification

5.mining fine operation

6.manual operation;

7.prevential vaccination;

8.bath operation;

9.weighing operation; hoofs.

The list of commen equipment

Electric sheep clipper, stainless steel drinking water tank, automatic drinking waterer, ear tag, ear tag pliers, seminal gun, opener, shearer, Hoof Knife (scissors), lamb milk bottle (nipple), volume ruler (device), feed shovel, electric angle device, silage reclaimer.

If necessary, please contact me for free proposal. 

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